Question 20: As a homeowner, how much equity has my house gained the past 12 months?

“As a homeowner, how much equity has my house gained the past 12 months?”

This is the question I’ll answer today, Day 20 of a 30-day series looking at the top questions in real estate.

CoreLogic, a business intelligence and analytics provider of financial, property, and consumer information, is my source for this video. Here's the report I reference.

The cliff notes version is this: over the past 12 months, homeowners have gained $51,500 on average across America in the value of their homes.

That equates to $2.9 Trillion in equity.

The graphic below demonstrates how homeowners in your state performed. If you’re still on the sidelines waiting for the market to come down, this is probably unwelcome news for you.

Housing equity gains in the past 12 months

If you’re a renter, landlords across America thank you.

Back on Day 18, I asked the question for homeowners whether you should sell, capitalize your gains and sit on your profit for a while. Look back at that video for my thoughts.

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