Buying or selling a home: Does it really matter who you work with?

Will anyone work? Or does it really matter who you work with when buying and selling a home?

The answer is YES! It does matter who you work with. Not all services, products or providers are the same.

The problem is when some service providers argue they deliver a Nordstroms level of service at Goodwill prices. Caution.

There’s no way an individual can provide the quality and quantity of services for your needs if they’re playing all the different roles that’s required in a real estate transaction alone. I myself did the solo agent role for 10 years before I embraced the team approach. And that is what I now argue is the best way to go – for the client.

When selling your home, if the same person taking photos (hopefully not with their iphone either) is the same person handling marketing, negotiating offers, putting the signs out and handling the transaction paperwork, there’s no way they can promise the Nordstroms, heck even Walmart level of service – at any scale, effectively.

When I say it matters who you work with, I’m suggesting that you hire someone who has a proven record as a transaction CEO overseeing the partners involved.

From marketing to transaction management to title processing, inspectors, contractors, lender and those on the other side of the deal, the right partner will make a positive impact on not just the terms and finances of the deal, but also the overall experience.

Consider the impact of hiring the wrong partner. A lack of negotiating experience, market knowledge, or focus will result in a different deal than if you had selected the right team.

So before you try to get “a deal,” understand that a wilting agent who isn’t willing to stand up for their value and the professional services they offer, don’t expect them to stand up on your behalf and negotiate with the professionals who are on the other side of the table.

Listen. The average agent does 2-3 transactions in a year. That’s like 80% of agents who are out there. And with an 88% failure rate (within five years!), most are out there hobbying along hoping to sell their cousin’s home. That’s not the agent who is going to get you the best deal and know how to help you win. But that’s the agent who’s saying they’re providing full service but cutting their value along with what they’re paid.

You see I’m arguing my value here – because I believe in what I can do for you. Realtors are the one who face an uphill battle just trying to make it in this industry. Yes, there are some agents who make it big and have the flashy cars and nice houses, but they’re the exception. We don’t get paid unless there is a deal.

How many hundreds and thousands of calls and converstions a year do we have to make to succeed? The odds are against us. Try hiring a doctor, lawyer, landscaper, builder or other professional and see if they’re willing to work for free.

And try to get them to cut their costs by 20-50%. It won’t happen because the good ones know their value - and you can take it to the bank that they’re going to stand up for yours.

I challenge you to try this: when you interview an agent, make the first question you ask them if they’ll represent you for 30% less than they normally charge. If they cave at the outset, thank them for their time and send them on their way. If, however, they thank you for your time and are ready to boot you out of the room or phone call, you want to continue the conversation.

A good agent will demonstrate leadership that benefits you and your interests. When you’re looking to buy or sell a home, reach out and put us through the grill.

When it comes to answering questions, I have nothing to run from. I’m happy to answer any questions you have and hopefully educate and prepare you for what’s to come.

So, it matters who you work with!

I welcome you calling me directly and discussing your needs. Whether you’re exploring the process or are ready to buy or sell a home or investment property, reach out to me directly at 703-552-5259.

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My name is Jon Tripp and I’m a Realtor in Northern Virginia.

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